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Microsoft: Mr. Market creates opportunities

Dear readers,

I am following Microsoft since 2010. It was one of my first companies I looked through the books after I decided to have a new hobby: value investing. I have to admit, I did not understand many of the numbers back then. And 3 years later I know much more about accounting and valuation, but I have many doubts that I  interpret the numbers 100% correctly. As Warren Buffett tells "Accounting is the language of businesses." - its a hard and complex language!

I follow the Peter Lynch approach "invest in what you know". And I understand the economics of the software industry. I began coding software at the age of 14. Since then I am interested in the topic "What makes software companies successful". In 2010 I knew that Microsoft would not beat Android and Googles search and advertisement empire. But I know, that in 10 years there will be at least as many workstations as today running MS Windows and Office. And thats the core of my investment th…